Veste en cuir Covington Voyager

WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets
WildPath Voyager Leather Jacket - WildPath Jackets

Veste en cuir Covington Voyager

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Incarnez l'esprit de la ville avec la veste en cuir Covington Voyager. Conçue avec un extérieur 100% PU de première qualité qui rappelle la sophistication du cuir véritable, et une doublure intérieure 100% polyester pour un confort ultime, cette veste est un témoignage de la résilience et du flair urbains.

Au-delà de son attrait tactile, elle incarne l'éthique même de l'aventure urbaine et le grain des rues de la ville. Plus qu'un simple vêtement, c'est une déclaration de ténacité et d'élégance moderne.

Garantie Covington : Chaque commande est accompagnée d'une garantie de remboursement de 30 jours. Si vous recevez votre veste en cuir et que vous souhaitez la retourner pour quelque raison que ce soit, contactez-nous à l'adresse suivante : et nous nous occuperons de vous !




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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Deborah Griffith
Looks ok

Upon its initial use, my son noticed an unpleasant fishy odor. Despite washing it, the smell lingered. Therefore, we decided to leave it outside overnight, and the odor dissipated.

Michael Nichols
Color Is Off-Black (aka Gray)

"I absolutely adore how well this jacket fits and how I appear when wearing it. However, my enthusiasm was dampened when I realized that the color appears gray in bright sunlight or under intense lighting because, indeed, it is gray.
I had been specifically seeking a sleek BLACK jacket, so this discovery left me somewhat disappointed. Nevertheless, I decided to keep it because I found the style and overall appearance to be acceptable."

Jeffry William
Ok jacket for 50 degrees light

These jackets are nice and lightweight, perfect for slightly cool temperatures. However, I did find it a bit tight in the back, and after a year of use, the inside lining started to tear. Despite this, it served as a good jacket.

Charles Renick
A little snug

Considering the price, this jacket is a decent choice. I ordered it for motorcycle rides during our brief cool seasons, and it performs adequately for that purpose. I stand at 5'11" and weigh 205 lbs, and it fits well in terms of sleeve length and midsection, although it's slightly snug when zipped up, but still wearable. It's worth noting that the chest zipper pockets are decorative and not functional.

Mary Hamilton
Looks great for the price

My son is 6 foot 215lbs built like a football player & the XL fit perfectly.

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